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TOYBAG XS – Also the packaging has to be right

You can confidently trust your favorite FUN FACTORY erotic toys to this handy helper and be certain they are perfectly protected. Not only from prying eyes but also from dust and dirt.

  • Great value for little money
  • 100 % Tyvek
  • Metallic look
  • Super robust
  • Absolutely lint-free
  • Washable
  • Odorless
  • Hygienic
  • Size XS: ca. 15 x 14 cm

TOYBAG, open sesame! The magic words when the desire for a little adventure is big. Well, true, you have to help a bit with the zipper. But then nothing else stands in the way of unbridled fun. Only you need to know what sweet secrets you store in the TOYBAG.

This elegant storage bag is available in five different sizes. From XS to XL – whatever matches your desires best. 100% Tyvek – an innovative material, on the outside with a metallic sheen and white on the inside. With a fitting glittery shine, super robust, totally lint-free, washable and odorless. The TOYBAG is the best thing that can happen to your favorite FUN FACTORY toys.

Also perfectly suitable as a cosmetics bag, for swim wear or to store a camera lens. The TOYBAGs are not only hygienic but also stylish. Thanks to the handy zipper with a colorful pull cord it's easy to fill and zip back up. The TOYBAGs in a cool metallic look are great value for money and provide the perfect solution to safely tuck away your sweet secrets.


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